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  • Life insurance is Christmas toys, tires for the car, shoes for the kids, getting the Rx when needed.
  • Life insurance is a new roof on the house, a new water heater, paying the electric bill, the water bill, the cable bill.
  • Life insurance is paying car insurance, medical expenses, eating out at nice restaurants, money to support your church, helping your neighbor, going to a movie with friends.
  • Life insurance is gas for the car, visiting friends & family across the country, taking the children to Disney World, helping your favorite charity, freedom from money worries and so many other things – peace of mind, the joy of having enough.
  • Life insurance is dignity.

To learn more, contact Charlie Weaver at (615) 227-8292 (office) or (615) 604-8007 (mobile), or e-mail him at [email protected].

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